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"If you are considering an agent to help you place your home under your time and rent requirements,  I would strongly recommend Darcy Alkus...Darcy and her partner have helped myself and some friends find homes to rent in Kentfield and Ross at rates from $7000 to $12000 per month.  Darcy's number is 637-8917.  She is very professional and appears to have become the leading agent for rental properties in the Kentfield and Ross markets."   -P. Hoon of Larkspur

"We've had a great experience with Christopher Barrow...renting our home in Mill Valley. We've worked with him two times, and have had only professional treatment, honorable conduct and most important - results. Christopher brought in qualified candidates, worked through all the tenant issues with us, and was always available when a question or problem arose. It's clear he's in the business of building long term realtionships with his clients, based on providing real service and value. I have recommended Christopher to my friends and family in the Bay Area, and will continue to do so. If you want to find a quality broker in Marin, you really should give him a call." --Michael, Mill Valley, via email

"Jocelyne Alkus was always available and patient with me. Finding a house in Marin can be tricky - she was very pleasant to deal with & very easy going."  - Amir B, Sausalito, via Yelp

Foundation Rentals and Relocation Rental Team July 2010

"I used to work with a Realtor to list my high-end rental homes, but once I met Darcy realized nothing compares to a leasing agent who specializes in the field. Thanks Darcy!" --Denny Eichenbaum, San Rafael

"It has been my pleasure over the last few weeks to work with your agent, Joscelyne Alkus....Jocelyne handled every detail with such ease. So charming, capable and competent.  She found the perfect tenant for us between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Working with Joscelyne makes being a landlord seem so simple. I might have to start looking for other properties just to keep in touch with her!  Congratulations to you for having someone like Joscelyne represent your company."  - Marjorie C, Mill Valley via email

“Mike (Kass) is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy individual...Superior service with honest insight. Highly recommended!”  -Titan Davis via LinkedIn

"I have been living in San Rafael for many years and have moved several times. Each time I was confronted with either rude or careless rental agents. This time when I moved I had the pleasure of working with Christopher Barrow and his rental team in Marin. I met with three of their agents on different occasions and each time they were prompt, polite hey - get this - actually seemed like they cared that I didn't want a dirty or dark house. I would recommend them to anyone looking to rent in Marin."  -Damon K. on Yelp!

"If I have a property that is languishing on the market, or a situation where the seller is "under water" on their home and therefore that property actually cannot be sold, I enthusiastically and confidently refer that client to Darcy Alkus. In ALL cases she has performed magnificently. I consider Darcy to be a part of my team; just as I am the sales expert, she is the rental expert, and my clients benefit greatly from her expertise."  -Marlys Hooper, Broker Associate, Alan Pinel http://www.marlyshooper.com/

Southern Marin Rental Agent Joscelyne Alkus

"The agents at the Marin Leasing Team are great. I worked with both Christopher and Joscelyn in June when I was looking to move from SF to Sausalito with my little dog. I found them to be very professional as a team as they took the time to take me around to several places and tolerated my hectic schedule and changing appointments...Joscelyn even went out of her way to show me where the local dog parks are. I ended up staying in the city for now for work reasons, but this company will be my first call when I am ready to move next year, and they get five stars for putting up with me and my changing needs!"  -Sherri C. of San Francisco, via Yelp

"I was introduced to Darcy and Christopher through a colleague whose family they'd placed in a great rental in Mill Valley. They've rented three out of my four income properties since then. The one I rented myself is the only one I have any problems with! Never again will I bother to deal with my properties myself."  - Aaron L., Kentfield and San Francisco Property Owner

"Michael Kass possesses the high level of social confidence and poise which would allow him to thrive in any socially demanding position.  He was also a pleasure to work with and I would definitely recommend him to your company.”  - Kevin Berlinson, Performance Media

Broker Christopher Barrow and Dan Warren
 "Christopher Barrow...in Marin was a HUGE help for my husband and I in locating a rental home. He was friendly, flexible and easy going during a stressful time. Just the kind of person you want to show you homes you might be living in for several years. If you want great friendly service call Christopher Barrow." --Alice S. of San Anselmo on Yelp.

"Darcy and her team have represented our property in Ross twice so far in the past four years and my husband and I couldn't be more pleased with their service. We had some bumps along the way but everytime their rental team came back with professionalism and true dedication to their craft. Darcy, we want to thank you so much for your hard work (and want you to know that any "bumps" in the road we may have had were one hundred percent my fault!). We are extremely happy with our current tenants, and I just want you to know that we think that you are awesome and we will continue to use you as our agent ALWAYS!"  --The Ryans, Ross via email

"Thanks Darcy...I'm very happy with the tenants. They seem very solid, easy going and down to earth. Thank you for your hard work and perserverance. I know this was harder than anticipated and I've enjoyed working with you." --Diane Kaufman, Larkspur via email

Luxury Homes for Rent on Belvedere Island

"I spent almost two years remodeling and upgrading my family home on Belvedere Island after inheriting it. I never intended to sell it because it serves me better as an asset with great revenue (and I inherited my folks' Prop. 13 tax status). I listed it with Christopher after noting that their company [Foundation Rentals] was the most prominent for high-end rentals in Marin via search engine on both Google and Craigslist. Although I've owned income property (units) for the last 30 years, finding and handling tenants at the high-end level was daunting to me. Christopher has found me two exceptional families so far; one who took the house furnished and the other needed it unfurnished - both for well over $5,000 per month. The contracts he provided had much more extensive liability coverage for me than my standard rental agreements - similar to a seller's contract - full of disclosures and detailed assignments of responsibility. The degree of thoroughness in the background check, the negotiation of the lease stipulations and the professionalism with which Christopher finalized the deals was exceptional. I have just recommended Foundation Rentals to a close friend whose situation is similar to mine, except that her [mother's] home has staled in the current real estate market, driving the price down to an unacceptable level. It is a great alternative to selling, especially when you have Christopher and his team watching your back."  -Nancy Niche, Belvedere

"...my husband and I were so pleased with Foundation Rentals and Relocation that I just had to share.  I have very high standards when it comes to tenants renting our home in Sonoma.  Now, I get a hard time from my husband for taking my time, but it definitely pays off to do your research! Christopher and Darcy and the FR&R team met and exceeded all of my standards to manage our property.  I was so pleased with the efficiency and grace that Darcy showed and Christopher was there to answer any and all of my questions.  It is so nice to deal with people who care about their clients and love what they do.  I now can relax and feel like I know my property is in the right hands-Thank you Foundation Rentals and Relocations."  - Clair S, Sonoma

"I recently used the services of Christopher Barrow at Foundation Rentals and Relocation Inc and received great services. He and his staff were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. They were able to place our family into the right house and in the exact location we wanted to be. I highly recommend this company to any all who are looking to move to Marin."  - Jennifer, San Rafael

Rental Agents Darcy Alkus Barrow and Michael Kass

"I heard about Foundation Rentals through a good friend of mine who recently moved to Marin from San Francisco. I had 3 weeks to relocated to the Bay Area from the mid-west for new job, and knew that I wanted to live in Marin. I knew that Marin is "just a bit" more expensive than Minneapolis, and I didn't want to settle for something I wouldn't like. Darcy and the team were SO easy to work with...they handled everything. I think we even found my new place before I made the official move! What a relief. If you're looking for help and appreciate working with an efficient and knowledgeable group of people, these guys are hands down the best experience you'll have." -Ryan Johnson, San Anselmo

"Dear Christopher, You are a true pleasure to work with and you make a stressful situation much easier to tackle.  Thank you for all of the work you did in helping us with our second move....I will happily serve as a reference!" - Whitney Bardwick, Tiburon

The Rental Team pricing a property in 2010